Fast Rescue Boat
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Dimensions over all:        

Length:  6.10 m   

Breadth:  2.23 m 

Height:  2.60 m   

Weight:  1.700 kg  fully equipped w/o persons

Capacity:    Max. 6 

Certificate:    EC Certificate of Conformity according to MED 96/98/EC    

Rules:   Designed and built in accordance with SOLAS 1974 and its amendments and International Lifesaving Appliance  (LSA) Code 5.1 (Rescue boat) IMO/MSC/Circ. 809

Propulsion:   inboard diesel engine with water jet    

Speed:   Minimum 20 knots  

Steering:   Bowden wire steering  

Fuel tank:   Capacity for more than 4 hours at 20 knots